RPS Savana can vary based on multiple factors like the type of property (2 BHK, 3 BHK, etc.), floor area, amenities, location within the complex, among other considerations.

However, real estate developments often offer various payment plans to suit different buyers. These plans might include options like:

Construction-Linked Plan (CLP): This plan involves making payments based on the construction progress. Buyers pay in installments tied to specific milestones in the construction process.

Time-Linked Plan (TLP): Payments are scheduled at predetermined intervals irrespective of the construction progress. This plan is time-based rather than construction-based.

Down Payment Plan: This plan involves paying a significant portion of the property cost upfront, often at a discounted rate.

Flexi Payment Plan: Combining aspects of both CLP and Down Payment plans, it offers a mix of flexibility and installment-based payments.

Price List

Payment Plans

For the most current and accurate information regarding the price list and payment plans for RPS Savana in Faridabad, You can directly contact to the sales or customer service team of Anupam Properties.

We provide comprehensive details about the pricing structure, available units, payment options, and any ongoing offers or promotions.