Layout Map

RPS Savana has been chosen by the maximum peoples due to its well-planned layout plan that has been designed according to environment-friendly as 85% area of the project is left for open space & greenery and only 15% area has been used for construction.

Home building and construction are dependent on the set of layout plan and specifications. Before this, house plot is selected and budget is also determined. Now, this is the time to use various designs as well as sketches that you may already have collected to make your house plans. It is the main layout plan through which architects, suppliers, bankers and engineers will determine the appearance of a home, its total area and some things that might go into and several other factors as well.

But upfront, also there is a clear distinction between planning and plans that should be clearly understood. The Home plans mainly refer to the set of perfectly scaled drawings for different aspects of home construction. These can even get construed as the blueprints, floor plans, working drawings and construction details.