Specific floor plans may vary in terms of layout,
square footage, room sizes, and additional amenities depending on the
particular building or phase within RPS Savana.

For accurate and detailed floor plans, it’s
best to directly contact Anupam Properties for the most up-to-date information.

2 BHK Floor Plan:

Bedrooms: Two bedrooms,
often one master bedroom with an attached bathroom and another bedroom with a
common bathroom nearby.

Living Area: A living room
or hall providing space for relaxation and possibly a dining area.

Kitchen: A separate or semi-open
kitchen space, sometimes with a utility area.

Balcony: One or more
balconies offering an outdoor space.

3 BHK Floor Plan:

Bedrooms: Three bedrooms, usually including a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and additional bedrooms with a common bathroom.

Living Area: A spacious living room or hall, possibly with a separate dining space.

Kitchen: A well-defined kitchen area, sometimes with a separate utility or storage space.

Balcony: Multiple balconies or larger outdoor spaces connected to different parts of the apartment.

RPS_Savana4 BHK Floor Plan:

Bedrooms: Four bedrooms,
typically featuring a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and additional
bedrooms with shared or attached bathrooms.

Living Area: A generous
living room or hall, potentially offering distinct sections for various

Kitchen: A spacious
kitchen area, potentially with additional storage or utility spaces.

Balcony: Multiple
balconies, larger than those in smaller configurations, providing ample outdoor

descriptions offer a general idea of what to expect in terms of layout for 2
BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments. For precise and detailed floor plans specific
to RPS Savana in Faridabad, Please contact to Anupam Properties.


Floor Plan -1

Floor Plan - 2